Megan Reynolds

Megan Reynolds

I am a teacher & designer. Connecting with students & seeing them enjoy learning is my favorite feeling on earth! I hope you enjoy this article!

5th Grade Grammar Choice Board Tutorial for Teachers

Build your own Grammar Choice Board for 5th Grade in minutes! Keep kids engaged & learning using these tactics & templates
To use a choice board in your 5th Grade Classroom during Grammar you will need to create the Grammarchoices (there are lots of examples), organize the classroom, and have a goal;

Time-saving, differentiation, and dynamic classroom management are my favorite reasons to use a choice board!

Integrating choices every day you will need to hone in on the best way to apply 5th Grade Grammar choice boards to your classroom style!

Here are a few ideas and instructions on choices, classroom management and getting buy-in from your5th Graders

Ideas & Examples of Great 5th Grade Grammar Choices

Create Your Own Comic Strip: Punctuation Adventure!
Create a comic strip where punctuation marks are heroes! Make them save sentences from confusion and mix-ups. Use speech bubbles and action to show how they help.
Adjective Hunt in Your Favorite Book
Pick a book you love. Find 10 adjectives in it. Write them down & the sentence they’re in. Adjectives describe things, like ‘big’ or ‘colorful’.
Synonym & Antonym Safari
Synonym & Antonym Safari: Hunt for words in books or around you that mean the same (synonyms) or opposite (antonyms). List your finds and share!
Craft a Story Using Vibrant Verbs
Write a short story with action words that show excitement, like ‘sprint’ instead of ‘run’. Make your story come alive with these lively verbs!
Design a Grammar Garden with Parts of Speech
Create a “Grammar Garden”! Make flower beds for nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Plant word “seeds” in the right bed. Watch your garden grow with colorful language!
Conjunction Junction: Build a Sentence Train!
Conjunction Junction is a game where you link words like train cars using ‘and’, ‘but’, or ‘or’ to make cool, long sentences. Have fun connecting ideas!
Mystery Sentence: Unscramble the Clues!
Rearrange the mixed-up words to reveal a secret sentence. Use your detective skills to find the right order! Hint: Look for the capital letter and period.
Prefix Expedition: Create a Word Map!
Explore word parts! Draw a map with ‘un’, ‘re’, ‘pre’ as starting points. Connect to words like ‘undo’, ‘redo’, ‘preview’. Add more prefixes and words!
Homophone Treasure Hunt: Match the Pairs!
Find pairs of words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings, like “pair” and “pear”! It’s a fun word-matching adventure!

Using a Choice Board to Differentiate Grammar in a 5th Grade Classroom

Keep It Simple

Everyone “teacher & student” should know exactly what they are doing. If you don’t make it even easier! 

Differential Instruction vs Saving time?

There is nothing more irritating than “Saving Time” with a Choice Board & ending up with “More work!”.  Are you using this to hit standards or save time or both? 

"Self Guided" or "instruction-based"?

If you giving out work, should they do it on their own or are these more instructions for each choice?

General rule, if the grade is > 3 there is more work per choice.

FREE Blank Fillable & Custom Choice Board

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How To Manage Your 5th Grade Classroom During Grammar (With a Choice Board)

I find its easiest to use a big board at the front of the classroom where all students can see the choices  then decide what they want to do

This often will be coming in from a break or transition between subjects. 

If you can get all students to know whats expected during a choice activity it becomes one-hundred times easier to manage the class & have everyone know what choices they have!  

There are three core steps you have to hit when using a Choice Board; 

1) The Set Up
The Instruction 
3) The Q+A 

1) The Set Up

Select your choices, decide on how you are going to use this time in your classroom. Build the choice board

1) The Instruction

Tell the students what they are going to be doing (this becomes easier over time) Simply start with 3 options & move from there. 

1) The Q & A

Does anyone have questions? This will help you or the next time. Remember the goal is to make this easier each time! 

Why Use A Choice Board?

So, let’s chat about choiceboards and why they’re like the coolest thing ever in your classroom. 

Picture this: kiddos bouncing into the room, eyes lighting up because they get to pick their own adventure in learning new words.

 It’s like a mini vocab party, and everyone’s invited!

We all have our own jam, right? Some of us are little artists, others are born performers, and some love to get lost in stories. Choice boards are like a buffet of fun learning snacks, so every munchkin finds something tasty that helps the vocab stick!

And here’s the kicker – when the little ones get to steer the ship, they turn into these mini captains of learning. They’re making the calls, and with every choice, they puff up a bit more with confidence. It’s a win-win – they’re learning and feeling like the boss at the same time.

Plus, for us teachers, it’s like having a secret helper in the room. We get to sprinkle in all sorts of activities that match our students’ levels and what makes their hearts tick. It’s like custom-making a learning playlist that gets every kid grooving to the vocab beat. How cool is that?