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Megan Reynolds

I am a teacher & designer. Connecting with students & seeing them enjoy learning is my favorite feeling on earth! I hope you enjoy this article!

6 Social Studies Choice Board Ideas

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Social studies encompasses a broad range of concepts and skills that can sometimes make the subject feel disconnected for students. However, by using choice boards, teachers can bring more interactivity into social studies while allowing for differentiation. Choice boards empower students to take ownership of their learning through options tailored to interests and abilities.

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Below are 6 ideas for implementing choice boards in elementary social studies classes:

Famous Americans Research: Students choose one famous American to research in depth.

Research activity choices include:

  • Write a biography report
  • Create a poster with drawings/images
  • Build a diorama showcasing key moments
  • Write a 1st person narrative from their perspective
  • Craft a newspaper front page covering their achievements
  • Film a mock documentary or news clip
  • Develop a dramatization of their life
  • Design a museum exhibit about them

State Research Project: Students select a state to explore.

Options include:

  • Write a travel guidebook entry
  • Create a brochure enticing people to visit
  • Build a 3D map of major landforms, cities, etc.
  • Compare/contrast the state today vs. in history
  • Design a webpage about the state’s best attractions
  • Write a song or rap with facts about the state
  • Film a commercial advertising the state
  • Other teacher approved ideas

Government/Civics Concepts: Reinforce government vocabulary, systems, and civics

  • Design propaganda posters related to civics
  • Create a song or rap about how a bill becomes a law
  • Build a model of the three branches of government
  • Write a presidential campaign speech
  • Host a mock Congress session
  • Draw editorial cartoons about voting rights and suffrage
  • Create a board game teaching government concepts
  • Make “I Have, Who Has?” cards for vocabulary review

Native American Tribes

Choose one Native American tribe to study and present through:

  • Written report with visuals
  • Diorama of their housing, clothing, and culture
  • Poster or brochure persuading others to join the tribe
  • Map showing where they lived and migrated
  • Multimedia presentation highlighting key aspects
  • Design a museum exhibit about the tribe
  • Write a mythical legend that the tribe might tell
  • Create model dwellings and clothing used by the tribe

Immigration/Migration Patterns

Select an immigrant group and show their journey through:

  • Map showing their global route
  • Timeline of key dates related to their migration
  • Travel journal from perspective of an immigrant
  • Poster about reasons for leaving their homeland
  • Multi-media presentation about their cultural heritage
  • Paper doll chain showing their clothing/belongings
  • Letter convincing family/friends to make the voyage
  • Artifacts in a “museum box” representing their story

Regions of the United States

Pick a region and demonstrate understanding through:

  • Detailed map showing key features
  • Travel brochure enticing visitors to come
  • Chart comparing/contrasting it to other regions
  • Report on how the geography impacted industries
  • Poster or booklet about famous landmarks
  • Multimedia presentation showcasing culture
  • Build a 3D model of typical housing
  • Write a story set in region during a key historical event
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The above ideas can be mixed, matched, or modified based on curriculum needs. Choice boards allow students to unfold concepts creatively while making connections to personal interests. Social studies offers many opportunities for students to direct their learning through informed choice. When students are engaged, understanding follows.

FREE Blank Fillable & Custom Choice Board

All ages, all grades where you need 9 grid choice board. Start loving learning again!