The Science Supporting Choice Boards

Science Behind

Research-Based Benefits for Learning Choice boards have rapidly gained popularity in classrooms as an engaging instructional strategy. But is this trend backed by more than just anecdotal evidence? A look at the research provides a resounding yes. Studies rooted in motivational theory, cognitive science, and learning styles all indicate choice boards tap into the way […]

Motivating Kids to Do Chores with Choice Boards


As a parent, getting your kids to regularly help out with household chores can feel like an uphill battle. Choice boards offer an interactive solution to make chore time more engaging and rewarding for young learners. By providing chore options tailored to your child’s interests and abilities, choice boards make contributing to family life fun. […]

Choice Boards for Parents: How, When & Why

At HOme

Keep Kids Engaged at Home with Choice Boards As a parent trying to oversee your children’s education and activities amidst everything else, you need ideas that make the process interactive and enjoyable for young learners. Enter choice boards—the solution parents need to actively engage kids at home while building important life skills! What is a […]

Choice Boards in Remote Learning w/ Research

Remote Learning

Strategies for Keeping Students Engaged Online The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a sudden shift to online learning for schools around the world. Teachers were challenged to keep students engaged through a computer screen. One strategy that emerged to meet this need was the use of choice boards for remote learning. Choice boards provide students with options […]

The Future of Interactive Learning is Choice

Future is Choice

Over the past few years, there has been a major shift in education towards more interactive and student-centered learning. Traditional lecturing is slowly being replaced by approaches that engage students in the learning process. One teaching strategy that promotes active learning is the use of choice boards. A choice board is a grid that offers […]

An Elementary Teacher’s Perspective on Choice Boards

Teachers Perspective

Empowering Young Learners Through Choice As an elementary teacher, I have seen firsthand how education continues to shift away from traditional lectures and repetitive worksheets. While those methods have some benefits, many students become passive and disengaged as they sit listening to teachers talk at them. Education needs to be interactive if we want young […]

William Glassers’ Choice Theory and the Power of Student Choice in the Classroom

William Glasser

Introduction In the realm of education, empowering students with a sense of control over their learning journey is pivotal. One of the guiding principles that have significantly influenced modern educational practices is William Glassers’ Choice Theory. This theory asserts that individuals are driven by an innate need for control and choice in their lives. Translating […]

Incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy into Choice Boards


Introduction In today’s dynamic educational landscape, teachers are constantly exploring innovative methods to engage students and enhance their learning experiences. One powerful approach that has gained significant traction is the integration of Bloom’s Taxonomy into choice boards. Bloom’s Taxonomy provides a structured framework for developing a range of cognitive skills, and when coupled with choice […]