Motivating Kids to Do Chores with Choice Boards


As a parent, getting your kids to regularly help out with household chores can feel like an uphill battle. Choice boards offer an interactive solution to make chore time more engaging and rewarding for young learners. By providing chore options tailored to your child’s interests and abilities, choice boards make contributing to family life fun. […]

Choice Boards in Remote Learning w/ Research

Remote Learning

Strategies for Keeping Students Engaged Online The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a sudden shift to online learning for schools around the world. Teachers were challenged to keep students engaged through a computer screen. One strategy that emerged to meet this need was the use of choice boards for remote learning. Choice boards provide students with options […]

How to Implement a Choice Board in an Elementary Classroom


Introduction Choice boards are a great way to differentiate instruction and allow for student choice in an elementary classroom. A choice board contains a variety of activities that students can choose from to practice skills, demonstrate understanding, or showcase creativity. Implementing choice boards takes some planning and preparation but is a strategy that can engage […]

How to Create a Choice Board for an Elementary Classroom

In the Classroom

Introduction In today’s diverse and dynamic classrooms, catering to various learning styles and preferences is essential. One effective method to achieve this is by implementing choice boards. A choice board is a powerful educational tool that offers students a selection of activities to choose from, enabling them to take ownership of their learning process. In […]

Choice Boards Revolutionize Teaching and Save Time

Save Time

Introduction Teaching is a noble profession, but it comes with its unique challenges. One of the most significant challenges teachers face is managing their time effectively, juggling between creating engaging lesson plans, catering to diverse learning styles, and ensuring student participation. In recent years, an innovative teaching strategy has emerged as a savior for educators: […]

When to Use Choice Boards in the Classroom

When To use CB

Introduction Educational strategies continually evolve to meet the diverse needs of students and enhance their learning experiences. One such innovative tool gaining popularity among educators is the Choice Board. This versatile approach offers students autonomy, fosters engagement, and encourages creativity. However, knowing when to implement a Choice Board is crucial for its effective use in […]

Embracing Choice Boards: Tailoring Education for Every Student’s Success

Student Engagement 1

Introduction In today’s diverse and ever-changing educational landscape, one size does not fit all. Each student comes to the classroom with unique interests, learning styles, and abilities. As educators, our challenge is to create an environment that accommodates these differences, nurturing individual growth and fostering a love for learning. Enter Choice Boards: a dynamic and […]

Boost Student Engagement with Choice Boards

Student Engagement

In the dynamic landscape of education, fostering student engagement is pivotal to effective learning outcomes. One innovative and proven method to achieve this is through the use of Choice Boards. These versatile tools not only empower students by giving them control over their learning but also cater to diverse learning styles and interests. In this […]